Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It's hard to believe, but the ranch has come to a close, and I'm home. I may be shipping off to Colorado on Saturday (I really hope not), but I'm here for all of today. Such a long time. The ranch though. Tuesday and most of Wednesday were fun-filled days of excitement where I laid in a bed with a raging fever. It lasted EXACTLY twenty-four hours, convincing me that diseases have some sort of evil consciousness. I can see them in their war room, cackling and planning. "What time period of sickness would be most annoying?" asks one. "A full twenty-four hours!" shouts another. "Here here!" The room erupts in a jubilee as my immune system acts up. It really sucked is what I'm getting at.

Yesterday, after all the little devi- er, campers were gone, we worked hard to clean up the ranch so we could go home. We got everything done in record time, and here I am to prove it. I wanted to head home so badly though, it was the overriding thought and kept me bogged down as I helped out. When I finally left and headed for home though, talking with Dolan brought to mind all of the positive experiences I'd had and lessons I had learned, and all the people that I was going to miss. This summer was grueling, but I learned so much from it, and I can only hope that the lessons stay with me. I'm a really happy person right now, and I'm really committing myself to becoming Jeff 2.0 (new and improved, with tons of new features!) as fast as I can. Gotta love BCSR.

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